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Beach Crutch Sandpad

Welcome to the home of the Beach Crutch SandPad™! The Beach Crutch SandPadô is a revolutionary new ambulatory aid designed for beaches and rocky terrains. Easy to attach to crutch, cane and walker tips, the Beach Crutch SandPadô provides an exciting solution for users that wish to maintain an active and healthy summertime lifestyle.

Engineered in rubber and available in both 8" and 6" inch diameters, you too can once again use your crutches, cane or walkers at a beach without sinking into the sand, thanks to the support provided by the Beach Crutch SandPad™!

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Watch the video and see how the Beach Crutch SandPad™ is a LIFE CHANGER!

(U.S. Patent Number 8,678,021)